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Jimmy  Suh

Jimmy Suh

Financial Advisor

Areas of Expertise

  • Over 28 years of experience
     Financial Planning Risk
  • Management 
  • Investment Planning
  •  Retirement Planning 
  • Corporate Retirement Plan

Professional Experience

  • Merrill Lynch/ Bank of America -
     Southbay & Inland Empire region
  • JP Morgan Chase Private Bank-
  • IDS/ American Express Financial
    Planning - NYC
  • Wells Fargo Private Bank - Los
    Angeles office

Professional Affiliations

  • Executive Board of Director - Chair
    YMCA Anderson Munger Family
  • Board of Trustee 2014-2017
    Long Beach Pacific Aquarium
  • Exec Board of Director 2008
    LA Pacific-Asian Legal Center
  • Board of Director, 2007
    Los Angeles Ford Amphitheatre
  • Advisory Board for the 9/11
    Financial Committee NYC

James Suh is an experienced advisor in the investment
and financial planning industry for the past 28 years.
He has dedicated his career to enabling individuals
and companies to secure their financial futures. Mr.
Suh's extensive understanding of best practices and
knowledge of the latest industry trends are always tailored
to address his clients' specific needs.
Mr. Suh has taken on leadership roles within
numerous associations and has focused on advocating
for financial literacy, predicting market trends,
providing economic commentaries, and assessing the
impact of new legislation to the financial industry.
Mr. Suh is currently the founder and president at Eagle
Wealth Management where he provides his clients with
a comprehensive financial plan.
Mr. Suh began his career with IDS American Express in
New York City where he was a training manager &
financial planner. He developed an investment strategy
for financial planners that incorporated a regimented
financial planning process. After four years, he was
recruited to JP Morgan Chase, where he managed high
net worth financial advisors and premier bankers in lower
Manhattan. He was nominated to be a key member of
management team to develop and implement strategies
for reassuring clients and employees after the September
11 attack on the World Trade Center.
Mr. Suh moved to California in 2004 and worked at
Wells Fargo Private Client Service for five years and Merrill
Lynch for another five years in Los Angeles. He
developed specialized training to assist each team
member's strength to excel in our client satisfaction and
Mr. Suh was nominated for several boards in Los Angeles.
In 2016, he was invited to the White House for the annual
AAPA leadership forum to share his outlook with 125 Asian