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Comprehensive Financial Planning

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Comprehensive Financial Planning That Families Love

At KeyPoint Financial Services, our team has the expertise you need for comprehensive financial planning that helps you work toward your goals. What our customers remember most, however, is the friendly and caring way we approach the planning process. We take the time to walk you through every part of your personal financial plan, from short-term solutions to long-term goals.

Answers to All of Your Financial Questions

Collaborative financial planning is about helping you seek to achieve your objectives in terms of income, savings, purchases and retirement living needs. Our team is respected for:

  • Listening carefully to your needs and preferences
  • Getting to know your family’s current circumstances and plans
  • Examining your income, assets, expenses and planned purchases carefully
  • Answering your questions about healthcare planning, investments, debt reduction options and family inheritance goals
  • Offering professional recommendations that help you administer your assets and finances wisely

You don’t need to be an expert in money matters or investments to make excellent decisions for the future. That’s our job. We explain everything you need to know in everyday language, not corporate jargon.

Ongoing Financial Planning Management

One thing that sets us apart are our long-term asset management services. In addition to helping you create a comprehensive financial plan at the beginning, we continue monitoring your progress toward key objectives. As the financial world changes or investments mature, we’re there to help you identify and capitalize on potential opportunities.

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